Living at the Club

Living where you feel you truly belong

There is something special about being surrounded by friends. Especially people who have chosen an active outdoor lifestyle and combined it with a discerning appreciation for life’s finer things. The Residence at Thunder Bay Country Club represents the highest quality of condominium living in the region. Combine this with its unsurpassed central location surrounded by nature and you have just defined the perfect place to truly belong.

group of mature friends enjoying meal at home together

Enjoy an active healthy lifestyle

Living on a golf course has many benefits. It’s not just the exercise from the game, but also the general ambiance of living in a member club setting, plus the stunning views overlooking a manicured landscape. Best of all, it’s getting out in the fresh air with friends and resuming the battle of trying to master the game. In case you do go at it a little too hard, it’s comforting to know there’s a medical centre with walk-in clinic just across the street from the first green. And right behind that, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the largest health care facility in the region.

Living here really is a walk in the park

As a condominium resident you will have access to the course outside of playing hours. In the summer enjoy walking and biking on the cart paths and in the winter strap on cross-county skis or snowshoes to get a great workout. And to keep you company, you will always be surrounded by the sounds of nature, from chirping birds, to chattering squirrels, to yelping foxes. In Thunder Bay, each season makes its indelible mark and you can enjoy the best of all of them in this pristine parkland setting.

A home with something for everyone

Living at the Club is perfect if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, but if you also appreciate indoor pursuits you can drop by the bar and restaurant, or pop into the 2,000 sq. ft. Fairway Lounge. It features three sections: one for indoor games, another for informal lounging and another with food serving facilities that’s perfect for catered gatherings. But if you are a diehard outdoor enthusiast, you just can’t beat only being steps away from walking and biking trails, plus a coveted stretch of the McIntyre River with its superb steelhead fishing, kayaking, canoeing.