Golf, Tennis and more

Don't play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty
– Harry Vardon

Living on a golf course is great, living on a historic golf course is sublime. In 1910, when the Thunder Bay Country Club was built, Harry Vardon was an international golfing sensation. Now over 100 years later, the Club is experiencing a true renaissance with a modern luxury condominium rising at its heart. When the building is complete and the residents have moved in, projected for the fall of 2019, there will be a wave of renewal wash over the Club which will make belonging here very special. At that time, condominium residents will be offered inducements to become members.

Nine holes can make the perfect round

For generations 18 holes has been the norm, but that is now changing. The reason is time. People now seem to spend more time at work, more time on social media, more time keeping up with the 300-channel universe. A recent survey in the Netherlands showed that 65% of tee time bookings were for 9 holes, and that number is rising. Other reasons include fitness. Nine holes is the perfect length to walk, playing 18 often results in taking a cart. New golfers love nine holes because it's less exhausting than a full 18 and less likely to bring on stress injuries. Also, with a nine-hole course you can play at the beginning or end of the day and still have plenty of time left for work or other activities. Our course is nine holes. That couldn't be more perfect!

Tennis and pickleball will keep you fit while you have fun

Call it the Milos Raonic/Eugenie Bouchard effect, regardless, recreational tennis has never been more popular in Canada. That's why The Residence will have two tennis courts for your enjoyment. In addition, pickleball, a downsized version of tennis and the fastest growing sport in America, will also be featured with four courts. It's not hard to understand this phenomenon, few sports combine all these health benefits with having so much fun!

Health benefits of tennis and pickleball:

  • Increasing aerobic capacity
  • Improving balance and agility
  • Lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving metabolic function
  • Increasing bone density
  • Lowering body fat
  • Improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • Increasing reaction times

It's great to recap your game on the outdoor patio

Whether it's golf, tennis, pickleball, or even a non-athletic endeavour, it's good to just to kick back with friends and relive the highlights. The bar and dining areas at The Residence are bound to become favourite gathering spots for building residents. Having this convenience so close to home and available on a year-round basis is bound to become a popular catering and dining option for condominium residents.