Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some practical information about the condominium building and suites at The Residence.

Condominium Info

  • What expenses are NOT included in the Condo fees?
    • In suite hydro is billed directly to you based on the usage recorded by your individual hydro meter. Items include electricity for lights, plugs, appliances, exhaust fans and air conditioning and air exchanger.
    • There are no natural gas appliances in suites. A natural gas bib is on balconies for barbecues only.
    • Homeowners insurance on your contents and any upgrades.
    • Individual suite property taxes.
    • Communication services (phone, internet, TV, etc.).
    • Individual comfort-controlled heating and air conditioning on demand for seasonal comfort year-round. VRF System has two zones (living areas + bedrooms), equipment is owned by the occupant.
  • What part of the condo do I actually own?
    • In most instances, you own everything inside your condo suite, including the half-thickness of the walls which separate you from neighbouring suite owners. In addition, you own a proportionate and prorated share of all common elements and the land on which the condo complex is built.
  • What do I need to know as a Condo homeowner?
    • You are bound by the rules and regulations contained in the condo's declaration and by-laws. These by-laws tend to have restrictions, allowing pets or otherwise, not allowing a commercial business to operate from your suite.
    • The overall decision-making process of the condo complex is made by the majority of the suite owners and executed by their Condominium Corporation's board members or elected association.
  • What do the maintenance fees include?

    Each owner will pay to the Condominium Corporation their proportionate share of the following common expense for the building:

    • Domestic hot and cold water for the common building area.
    • Common Area Utilities (including heat, hydro, air conditioning, water and gas, if applicable)
    • Common Area base building and your suite insurance (owners will need to procure their own homeowners insurance)
    • Common Area Property Taxes (owners are responsible for condominium unit property taxes)
    • Common Area repairs,
      • Repair and maintenance
        • Exterior
          • Window cleaning
          • Ground Maintenance fees; Snow removal, garden and landscape maintenance, asphalt markings/painting and repair
        • Interior
          • Cleaning, maintenance and repair of Common areas (mat services)
          • Cleaning, maintenance and repair of Amenity areas (including furniture and equipment therein)
    • Property management fees and disbursements (part-time manager and maintenance staff, office supplies, phone and fax lines, administrative accounting, consultants, licenses and fees, etc.)
    • Reserve Fund and Studies
    • Cost of legal, accounting, auditing and engineering services or other professional advice and services required by the Condominium Corporation
  • What are the Condo maintenance fees?
    • As a condo owner you are required to pay mandatory monthly maintenance fees. These fees are separate from your monthly mortgage payments. Maintenance fees go toward paying for the overall upkeep of the common areas in a condo complex.


Features and Finishes

  • Are the light fixtures included?
    • Your suite will be delivered with standard light fixtures. You are then free to replace them with light fixtures that best suit your décor needs.
    • The kitchen ceiling includes low profile LED downlights and roughed-in electrical service, so you can install the pendant and chandelier fixtures of your choice.
  • What appliances are included with each suite?

    Included in the purchase price, each suite will be outfitted with Whirlpool Energy Star, high efficiency appliance package that includes:

    • 35" stainless steel counter-depth French door refrigerator
    • 28" stainless steel combination microwave and wall oven
    • 30" electric ceramic glass cooktop
    • 24" stainless steel dishwasher
    • 24" stackable washer and dryer set
  • Will I have to decide which colour options and upgrades I want at the time of Purchase and Sale?
    • No, our design consultants will arrange an appointment with you once the building is under construction to select your finishes and any upgrades.
  • Will I be able to choose a colour palette and/or other interior feature?
    • Yes, once the construction is well underway, we will schedule an appointment with all purchasers to select colour palettes
  • Does The Residence at Thunder Bay Country Club allow domestic pets?
    • Yes, with some restrictions. A "household pet" or "pet" is defined as a dog (which is no larger than thirty-five (35) pounds), domestic cat, caged bird or fish, or any other animal that the Board may designate as a pet in its sole discretion from time to time. Refer to the Condominium's Rules and Regulations when they become available.
  • Are there laundry facilities?
    • Each residential suite has a stackable washer and dryer. No common area laundry facilities will be provided in the building.
  • Will there be a swimming pool or hot tub?
    • Yes, we will have both a outdoor inground leisure pool and outdoor large capacity hot tub complete with shower and changeroom for your enjoyment.
  • What other amenities will be available?
    • A Fitness Room with Virtual Training Studio area (large TV/monitor for Yoga or spin classes)
    • Large Residence Lounge activities room with 3 sections plus spacious outdoor patio
      • Games Room (pool and poker tables plus TV/Monitor)
      • Social Lounge (comfortable furniture, misting water fireplace and TV/Monitor)
      • Multi-function room (tables and chairs, partial kitchen facilities, dumb waiter to bring up catered food from the restaurant, sit up bar counter, TV/Monitor)
    • Private Lounge/Party room
      • Library Lounge off the lobby can be used as an everyday sitting area or reserved by residents for private parties or meetings
      • It has a large dining table which can accommodate 10 persons comfortably
  • Will there be owner storage lockers available?
    • There is a locker available for each suite. Each owner can select a locker from a variety of sizes.
  • How many parking spaces will be assigned to each condominium?
    • Parking is extra to purchase price; there are a selection of single, tandem and handicap spots available, both underground and outdoors. Outdoor reserved spots will be delineated with highly visible "Reserved Parking" signage.
  • Were can visitors park?
    • There will be outdoor parking spaces for use by visitors at no additional charge. No visitor parking underground
  • Does the building have a security system?
    • Yes. The Lobby, Main Entry vestibule and Garage will have surveillance cameras. Key fob access to the building entrances, underground parking garage and other common areas. Secure and well-lit underground parking area, monitored with cameras and two-way voice communication from entry and selected area of underground garage.

Once Occupied

Sale Agreement

  • What is Interim Occupancy?
    • The closing date is when the ownership of the condominium suite is registered and transferred over to the buyer (you) from the builder. This registration cannot take place until all the suites in the condominium building have reached a degree of construction (as set out in the regulations of the Condo Act). However, before the building is registered many of the suites will be substantially complete and will already have obtained the occupancy permits from the city. This allows the builder to move the owners in, without the owner having ownership of the suite. It is standard for a developer to require the buyer to take occupancy before the buyer gets ownership, and this will be written out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • As a Purchaser what should I know?
    • All suite pricing is quoted net of the HST. A rebate may be available to qualified purchasers. In the event that the purchaser does not qualify (e.g. Not your primary residence, not a Canadian Citizen/Resident) you will have to pay the quoted price plus 13% HST to the vendor on closing.
  • As stated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement;
    • The Purchaser shall be obliged to pay to the Vendor (or to whomsoever the Vendor may in writing direct), by certified cheque delivered on the Title Transfer Date, an amount equivalent to the Rebate, in addition to the Purchase Price and in those circumstances where the Purchaser maintains that he is eligible for the Rebate despite the Vendor's belief to the contrary, the Purchaser shall (after payment of the amount equivalent to the Rebate as aforesaid) be fully entitled to pursue the procurement of the Rebate directly from CRA. It is further understood and agreed that in the event that the Purchaser intends to rent out the Unit before or after the Title Transfer Date, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to the Rebate, but may nevertheless be entitled to pursue, on his own after the Title Transfer Date, the federal and provincial new rental housing rebates directly with CRA, pursuant to Section 256.2 of the Excise Tax Act, as may be amended, and other applicable legislation to be enacted relating to the provincial new rental housing rebate.

    When purchasing a new condo or home to rent out, the Ontario NRRP Rebate can only be applied for by the buyer after closing and never by the vendor. The Purchaser will need to pay the full purchase amount including HST upfront until he or she is granted the rebate. For this reason, anyone who buys a new home or condo as an investment property should promptly apply for the rebate.

    For more information please visit, New Residential Rental Property Rebate-Government of Canada

  • Will my deposit be protected?
    • When buying a pre-construction condo from a reputable developer, your purchase is covered by the Tarion Warranty Corporation, TARION provides deposit protection of up to a maximum of $20,000. Any deposits greater than $20,000 will be held in Lawyers trust account. This way, in the unlikely event that the condo project is not completed, no deposits will be lost.
  • Can we make changes or negotiate the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?
    • No, the contract will be non-negotiable and no modifications will be permitted.
  • Will I need to see a lawyer prior to purchasing a suite?
    • You do not need to have your lawyer review the agreement before you sign it, but note that once the agreement is signed by both you and the developer, you have only a 10-day period in which to have the agreement reviewed by your lawyer, who can then advise you whether or not to proceed with the sale. Once the 10 calendar days has been reached, your APS will be firm and binding, unless your lawyer has notified the Vendor within the 10-calendar day period.
  • What is required at the time of signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?
    • 1 current-dated and 3 post-dated cheques (see Deposit structure below)
    • Lawyer's contact information including email
    • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)
    • Valid Government issued driver's licence or passport
  • What is the deposit structure setup?

    Deposit structure is as follows:

    • 5% due upon execution of the Agreement of Purchaser and Sale
    • 5% @ 30 days
    • 5% @ 90 days
    • 5% @ 120 days

The Building

  • How is garbage and recycling disposed of?
    • A garbage chute and recycling bins are located on every level of the building beside the elevators. Garbage collection is privately contracted and is part of your condo fees.
  • What is the property management company?
    • To be Determined
  • How many suites will be in the building?
    • 109 suites
  • What should I know about the quality of construction?

    The latest developments in building science have been incorporated. The construction methodology and quality of the material selected will help to facilitate at 50 to 100-year maintenance free building. This is an ultra low maintenance building with an incredibly low energy footprint. It is essentially residential construction built to institutional grade. Not only will it maintain its appearance and generate pride but also result in lower condo fees. The reward for living here will be day-to-day satisfaction backed up by long-term investment value.

  • What are some examples of the quality components?
    • The latest ICF (insulated concrete form) foundation, 10” and 12” concrete slab floors, R30 walls and R30 roof deliver overall R values that are 120% of requirement
    • The entire building features FDC rated spray foam insulation to mitigate any air and moisture which could create mould and mildew
    • The foundation and upper building has a spray-on elastic membrane to create a monolithic sheet enclosing the building with no joints or seams. Any rain that gets past the exterior cladding will just sheet off and not penetrate the building
    • The exterior is clad in stone veneer on the lower level and complementary shades of no maintenance siding on the upper. It will maintain its beauty for decades
    • The roof is PVC with heat-welded seams. It is white to reflect heat and reduce the cooling load on the building. It has outstanding longevity because PVC doesn't shrink like rubber, it won't breakdown where the roof meets the wall
    • This building is truly built to last, it is essentially constructed from concrete and steel. It has a concrete foundation and floors with steel stud walls, there's no structural wood, nothing to rot out
    • The window assemblies are grades above residential quality. They are triple glazed to provide the ultimate in year-round comfort, with surprising sound suppression and zero condensation
    • An advanced geothermal heating and cooling system significantly reduces the carbon footprint, 80% of thermal energy is taken from the ground. Only a splash of heating or air-conditioning will be needed to maintain the ambient temperature in your suite.
  • Where is The Residence at Thunder Bay Country Club condominium building located?

    1130 Golf Links Road, Thunder Bay (just south of the corner of Golf Links Road and Oliver Road), on the grounds of the Thunder Bay Country Club